THE Norwegian experiEnce 2019

12mR racing and sightseeing in Norway

july - august 2019

Why not combine great 12mR racing in the old whaling town of Sandefjord and the  picturesque town Risør, with a lifetime experience of Norway?


Enjoy the Swedish west coast on your trip to and from Norway.


Enjoy the Norwegian coastline of southern Norway.




Sandefjord: Framnæs Metre Cup: Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July. 3 race days in Sandefjord. Read more


Fetch race from Sandefjord to Risør.


Risør Wooden boat festival: Thursday 1th to Saturday 3th August. 3 race days in Risør.





Leave your yacht in Sandefjord for a couple of days and experience the essence of Norway by traveling through the Norwegian fjords, mountains and valleys. From Sandefjord you have easy access to all of Norway either by plane, train or car. We highly recommend a short roundtrip of the fjords in western Norway:


Day 1: Take the plane from Sandefjord airport to Bergen.

Day 2: Take the train to Voss, bus to Gudvangen, cruise in the UNESCO world heritage Nærøyfjord and inner part of Sognefjorden to Flåm. Take the spectacular Flåm Railway to Myrdal and the train back to Bergen and fly back to Sandefjord.

Include a couple of overnight stays either in Bergen, Voss, Stalheim or Flåm and you have yourself a lifetime experience.




Why not visit the land of the midnight sun; Northern Norway?


Day 1: From Sandefjord drive or take the train to Oslo airport, Gardermoen and fly to Tromsø or fly from Sandefjord via Trondheim to Tromsø. Enter the costal liner Hurtigruten in Tromsø in the middle of the night.


Day 2: Wake up north of Vesterålen and Lofoten the first morning and enjoy the magnificent coastline. Experience part of Lofoten from the deckchair! Go to bed after Stamsund and wake up south of Bodø.


Day 3: Experience the unbelievable Helgeland coast, go to bed at Rørvik, wake up in Trondheim and fly back to Sandefjord!


A lifetime experience in Norway!