The Framnæs Collection

of Classic Yachts

Sandefjord, Norway


In 1908 William Fife III designed and the boatyard Anker & Jensen, Norway built "12mR Magda VIII" for Alfred W. Larsen (all his boats were named "Magda"). She was designed and built after the 1.International Rule from 1906.


"12mR Magda VIII" is Norway’s first 12-meter and she is now the world’s oldest 12- meter still sailing!


"12mR Magda VIII" was sold and renamed "Magnolia" when Alfred W. Larsen ordered a new 12-meter for the Olympic Games in Stockholm 1912. Larsen won the gold medal with "12mR Magda IX" which was designed by Johan Anker and  built by Anker & Jensen.


"Magnolia" was in active use until the 1970s, but in very poor condition. The boat was rescued from midsummer bonfire in 1982 by Mr Barlag, Drøbak, Norway. Barlag conducted a time-consuming restoration, and launched the boat again in 1999. "Magnolia" attracted much attention and participated in several regattas, before she once more was brought ashore in 2005.


"Magnolia" has been a part of the Framnæs Collection since 2008 and underwent a final and extensive restoration in 2009 at Framnæs yard and was renamed "Magda VIII".


"12mR Magda VIII" holds a valid 12-meter certificate and is used for racing and charter in Scandinavian waters.


"12mR Magda VIII" participated in both the “Europe Week 1914” in Horten, Norway and a 100 years later in the “Europe Week 2014” in Sandefjord, Son and Oslo, Norway.


In 1911 William Fife III designed and Neglingevarvet in Stockholm, Sweden built "12mR Erna Signe" for Nils Person, Sweden (he named the boat after his two daughters) for the Olympic Games in Stockholm 1912. She was designed and built by the 1. International Rule.


"12mR Erna Signe" won the silver medal in the Games and later won a number of regattas.


"12mR Erna Signe" was sold to a Norwegian ship owner family in 1918 that actively sailed her  until the 1950s. She was then sold to Denmark and used for educational purposes for seafarers.


After a long life she needed a considerable restoration. In the 1990s she was bought by the same Norwegian ship owner family and her restoration was completed at Walsted Bådeværft in Denmark in 2000.


"12mR Erna Signe" has been part of the Framnæs Collection since 2008.


She holds a valid 12-meter certificate and is used for racing and charter in Scandinavian waters.


"12mR Erna Signe" participated in both the “Europe Week 1914” in Horten, Norway and a 100 years later in the “Europe Week 2014” in Sandefjord, Son and Oslo, Norway.



In 1927 Johan Anker designed and Anker & Jensen, Norway built "6mR Norna" for Crown Prince Olav of Norway for the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Holland 1928. She was designed and built by the 2. International Rule.


"6mR Norna" with Johan Anker as helmsman and Crown Prince Olav, Erik Anker and Haakon Bryhn as crew won the gold medal in the Games. Read more in the book: "Johan Anker – Master of Yacht Design" (


"6mR Norna" has been part of the Framnæs Collection since 2008 and is in need of an extensive restoration.


15-metre MAGDA XIII

In 1937 Johan Anker designed and Anker & Jensen built the "15 meter Magda XIII" for Alfred W. Larsen. Larsen was 75 years old but still wanted a fast cruiser/racer and ordered Anker “to design and build the fastest boat on the fjord!” She was designed and built by the 3. International Rule.


"Magda XIII" was later sold and renamed "Rollo V". She sailed in Norwegian waters until 1972 and was then sold to Sweden, then Spain and later to Greece. In 2000 she was saved by an Italian couple and restored by her original drawings in Viareggio, Italy and relaunched as a cruising yacht for the Med in 2004. She was later out of use and stored on land for several years.


"15 metre Magda XIII" has been part of the Framnæs Collection since 2013 when she sailed home from Italy via Scotland. She is now in active use and is undergoing an upgrade and refit at Framnæs yard to once again be suited for the colder climate of her home waters. New rig from Hall Spars, Holland, 2015.


Active Sailing Adventure

Sail amazing boats in beautiful surroundings in Sandefjord, Norway!

Bring business, employees or friends on an unforgettable adventure!


Do you want to build relationships or create team spirit? The recipe is an energizing and inspiring experience with active sailing in two of the world’s oldest, fully restored classic 12 meters. These historic racing boats offer a wonderful setting for your event.


The boats

A 12-meter is a classic sailing boat built of wood with style, quality and of course speed. The boats are about 70 feet long, 3.4 meters wide and masts' height is about 28 meters. They are equipped for racing and have yacht finish and yacht interior. "12mR Erna Signe" (anno 1911) and "12mR Magda VIII"  (anno 1909) are unique and famous icons in Norwegian and European yachting.


Our offer includes boats, crew, instruction and active sailing.

In cooperation with “Magasinet”, a high quality restaurant on the quayside at Framnæs , we also offer good food either before or after the event. It requires no sailing experience to participate; you can either sail actively or just enjoy the boats and the sea.


How many can participate?

From five to twelve people can participate in each boat. We can also arrange larger cup races for up to 100 people. We are proud to be the only place in the world that can offer matching with two classic 12 meters with over 100 years of history each!


Send us an e-mail (mona and we will arrange an adventure for you that you and your friends never will forget!


Vinteropplag av trebåter

På Framnæs Syd i Sandefjord tilbyr vi innendørs opplag av trebåter i en hall med stor kjøreport, stor takhøyde og et gulvareal på 1 800 kvm, under merkenavnet ”Framnæs Yacht Service”.


Opplagshallen er tilgjengelig for vinteropplag fra 15. september til 15. juni.


Samarbeidende bedrifter i ”Framnæs Maritime Senter”, tilbyr landets mest profesjonelle opplegg for løft opp til 75 tonn, opplag, vedlikehold, ombygginger, tilpasninger, restaurering, oppussing, rigging, seil, utstyr, båtplasser etc for de aller fleste båttyper, se for info.


Ta kontakt med for nærmere opplysninger og tilbud.


Johan Anker

Johan Anker (1871-1940) is Norway’s foremost designer of racing yachts. From 1905 to 1940, more than 350 boats were launched from the Anker & Jensen boatyard in Vollen, Asker, Norway.


Johan Anker did not only design stunning boats, he also sailed them to victory in major international regattas. His talent for sailing combined with an artist’s eye for lines and an engineer’s drive to constantly improve things, all merged to produce unique yachts such as ROLLO, APACHE, NORNA, SILJA and the popular Dragon class.


Johan Anker lived through a unique period of Norwegian history and the authors explore Ankers passionate commitment to society and his vast network of contacts – encompassing royalty, politics and industry.


This book gives a profound insight into the life of one of the giants of 20th century yacht design and provides fascinating snapshots of Norwegian life before the outbreak of World War II.